Why Oddisy is no longer entirely free: An explanation

Cody Moore
Derick Murphy
March 23, 2023

Some of the recent changes to Oddisy's service plans have been a bit complicated, and we wanted to take a moment to reveal what led us to the decision to make these changes.

First of all, as many of you have surely noticed, is that Oddisy is not entirely free anymore. We always wanted to make Oddisy as easy to access as possible, and so, when we first made Oddisy available, we did that. At the time, we had plans to figure out a monetization scheme later, after more people were interested in Oddisy, while we worked to provide the best tool we could.

It's been our dream to create Oddisy as a way for anyone to be freed from the many different programs and tools that can disrupt workflow, and make it harder to manage the endless flow of creative stories and ideas that can come. We want Oddisy to manage the hard stuff for you, so that you can focus on what you love - not managing another program.

However, the time we spend on developing Oddisy is not free. We hope to provide Oddisy as a tool for all in the future, and part of the path to that dream is by providing a way to support the development of Oddisy long term. To that end, we have created a way to trial Oddisy - with few limitations other than a maximum amount of entries and projects - alongside complete versions which offer limitless usage or even specialized features to help you take your story even farther.

But we don't want to only offer subscriptions - we know that some people just want to be able to own a product, to access it whenever and however they want. So we have also decided to provide one-time payments to access a specific version of Oddisy.

Another oddity that comes along with these changes is the need to abandon one of our Oddisy listings on the Mac store. This was ultimately caused by limitations that the Mac store sets on listings, meaning that the systems we use to manage accounts and provide a way for you to access Oddisy how you want - whether through a single payment, or subscription, or free - is incompatible with both the fundamental backbones of Oddisy and the Mac store itself. This means that if you want to use the subscription version of Oddisy on Mac you will need to download the installer from our website. If you would like to use the one time purchase option, there is a new listing available on the Mac Store. The version of Oddisy that was available before Oddisy 1.0 is no longer available on the app store and has been renamed to Oddisy Legacy to avoid confusion for current users. In addition, due to the way that the Mac version of the app stores files, current users of Oddisy Legacy will need to export their projects and import them into whichever new version of Oddisy that you choose. We hope these changes won't be too disruptive for those affected by them. 

Thanks for joining us on this journey, and we hope your stories come alive a little more with every moment!

Written By
Cody Moore
Derick Murphy
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