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Oddisy interface showing details about red riding hood character.


Effortlessly Manage Your World with Intuitive Organization

With Oddisy's intuitive Entry system, you can easily keep track of all the important elements in your worldbuilding process. From your characters, to the locations they inhabit, to the items they possess, Oddisy allows you to create and manage all of these elements in one central location.

Screenshot of Oddisy home page with multiple entries visible

Bring Your World to Life with Rich Detail

With Oddisy's innovative field system, you can easily add depth and detail to your worldbuilding entries. This powerful feature allows you to customize and add specific fields to each entry, providing ample space to add detailed descriptions, notes, and more.

Screenshot of Oddisy Entry Page with all the details of Little Red Riding hood filled out

See the Big Picture with Clear Connection Visualizations

With Oddisy's high-level view, you can get a comprehensive and detailed overview of your worldbuilding elements, giving you a bird's-eye view of your entire world. This feature allows you to see all the important connections, relationships, and patterns between your characters, locations, items, and other elements, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your world and the stories you want to tell.

Screenshot of Oddisy High level view

Maximize Your Productivity with Oddisy's Multitasking Tab Feature

You can have multiple tabs open at once, allowing you to seamlessly switch between different parts of your project without losing your place. Whether you're creating characters, designing locations, or planning out plot points, you can easily switch between tabs and keep everything organized. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly opening and closing different parts of your project and streamline your workflow with Oddisy's multitasking feature.

Screenshot of Oddisy with multiple tabs open

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