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Cody Moore
July 25, 2022

Kodrick is proud to announce that Oddisy is now available for use! We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have, and that it helps bring your work to the next level. While Oddisy is still in development and has many issues to fix and features still to be added, we wanted to cover some of the basic uses for Oddisy.


Oddisy home page interface with Red Riding Hood Character pulled up

While the original vision for Oddisy was in regard to creating worlds for stories, especially fantasy stories, we have purposefully tried to build Oddisy to be as flexible as possible. This means that while Oddisy is made to allow you to create stories, worlds, and ideas as alien as you can imagine, it also handles smaller scale, less complex stories, or even just serves as a way to organize your thoughts and keep track of the characters in your story. If you have a sprawling story with tens of characters across numerous different locations, Oddisy is for you! If you have a small cast of characters in a small area, Oddisy helps fill in all the small details that define your story.

The options are endless.


Oddisy Home page with no entry selected

Oddisy separates every major idea into Entries. Entries can be categorized into one of the five basic Entry Types: World, Character, Location, Event, or Item.

Your story must have a world in which the story takes place, but if you so wish, you can also create more worlds. These worlds do not necessarily have to be 'planets', 'planes', or anything specific. One interesting way of using worlds is by linking entries together. In this way, worlds can be embedded into other worlds, like a pocket universe (where an entire universe could fit into someone's pocket, all inside your current universe). The beauty of entries means that it becomes easy to find these different 'nested worlds' once you've linked them.

Characters are, of course, the real meat of any story. Even in stories focused on plot more than character development, characters still serve to move the plot along. Whichever type of story you prefer, Oddisy can handle it.

When you create a character entry in Oddisy then open the entry, you will see quite a few different things. First of all is the header. In the header you can add images to your entry, favorite this entry to make it easier to find, fullscreen the entry page, delete the entry, or close it for now.


Oddisy Entry Page for Red Riding Hood Character

Beneath the header are two different sections. One keeps track of all the entries that have been linked to this current entry, no matter where or how they may have been added. The other section, appropriately enough, is where we separate different groupings of entries and other information into Sections.

When adding a Section, you can name it anything you want. Then, you can add entries - making it easy to associate other characters with this entry - or Fields. Fields function as a smaller piece of information that can be added to any entry. Fields can be text, numbers, lists, images, yes-no, or even colors. When you create a field, you'll be prompted for the name of the field, and the type. Once you create a field, you can add in whatever information you like. This makes it easy to flesh out a character, from skin-tone, size, favorite meals, character traits, or anything else you can imagine about your character.

Those of you following along inside Oddisy might have tried creating a Field and seen a Predefined Field button. What's that? Well, we know some information can be pretty similar across many different characters, and it might be annoying to write out the name, pick the info type, yada-yada. So we've made a way to simplify all that by letting you make information that can be recreated through Predefined Fields. They can even have default values, so you could set up a Predefined Field that uses a list filled with Evil Character Traits to flesh out your villains quickly. You could do the same for heroes, or add a number of items to a character's arsenal. Perhaps you want to have some information similar across many different characters. Predefined Fields let you add all of that in a matter of moments.

Oddisy has lots more to discover, and many more ways to create your story, your way. We hope you enjoy Oddisy, and continue to follow along with us as we develop and make it even better! There are many things that need to be fixed, refined, and especially added, but we are hard at work making Oddisy into the best tool we can.

Let us know if you have any ideas to make Oddisy even better. We love working with you, and we truly believe that Oddisy is best built with the user in mind.

We hope you have a great day!

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Cody Moore
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