Improved usability and customization in Oddisy 0.3.0 update.

Derick Murphy
January 27, 2023

Kodrick is excited to release Oddisy 0.3.0. We have been hard at work, adding features to help you craft your amazing worlds. Here are a few highlights in the new release.


Choose between 7 different themes:

Choose between 7 different themes in Oddisy
Oddisy Dark Alternate Theme
Oddisy Neutral Theme

Usability Improvements

In Oddisy 0.3.0 we added a number of usability improvements to help you get more done quicker.

Entry Counter

View exactly how many entries you have created, as you fill up your world, via the entry counter at the bottom of the home screen:

Oddisy Entry Counter

Entry Page Header Bar

Always know what entry type your entry is with the redesigned entry page header bar, that now includes the entry type color and icon:

Oddisy interface with Red Riding hood details filled out

Drag and Drop Support

Entry Cards

Drag and drop entry cards to quickly link entries together:

Oddisy Drag and drop Entry Cards


Drag and drop fields to reorganize them on the entry page:

Reorganize Fields with Drag and Drop

Field Referencing

Field referencing lets you directly reference information in a field somewhere else. This allows you to keep track of information in different places, and even across Entries, without any trouble. 

For example, you've created and detailed out a cursed hammer. Any wielder struggles with an unstoppable desire to create. Instead of seeing this information only as part of the description of this item, or by trying to remember that your character and this item are linked, you can instead directly reference the effects of the curse on your character. This even updates when you change the information in the curse!

The ability to share information between entries in this manner is available for all entries.

Field Referencing in Oddisy

For more info on field referencing check out our documentation.

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Thanks for joining us on our journey to make Oddisy into something great! We hope to add many more features over the foreseeable future. 

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Derick Murphy
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