The Process

This is the process we'll follow when building your website.

The Kickoff Meeting

The very first thing I will do once accepting your project is set up a time for the kick off meeting. During this meeting we will go over the requirements and goal of your website. This is when you can point me to other websites you like or share inspiration me with that I can pull from.

The Moodboard

After the Kick Off Meeting I will then create a board of designs that I find that will inspire the mood of the website. This will then be shared with you and you can add comments directly on the board.


Once we have established a mood I will go into wireframing mode. This step allows us to communicate and agree on the exact layout of the website without getting distracted on styling, fonts, or colors.  I will then send the completed wireframe to you for approval before moving on to the next stage. This helps reduce the number of revisions need to get to your final dream website, saving you time and money.


As soon as the wireframe is approved I start the design phase. This is where you really get to see the website come to life. I will create a high fidelity mockup of the website based on the wireframe that will include all the styling, fonts, colors, and pictures that are going to be used on the website itself. The mockup will represent how the final website is going to look, and will include all pages that are to be created. I will then send the completed design mockup to you for approval before moving on to the next stage. This again helps reduce the number of revisions.

Development (Desktop)

Yay! We have a completed design and are finally ready to start development on the website. For this phase I use a tool called Webflow which offers fast, reliable, and hassle-free hosting, and a number of other benefits that I will explain at the kickoff meeting. During this first phase I will be focused on how the website will appear on Desktop. To reduce the number of revisions, we will not worry about the tablet and mobile versions of the website until after the Desktop version has been approved.

Development (Tablet/Mobile)

After the Desktop version of the website is approved all that is left is tidy it up for tablet and mobile. This stage is very important because a lot of users will be seeing your website on their phones, and a poorly designed website can leave the user feeling frustrated, giving a bad impression of your business and your brand. That is why a responsive website that looks good on all devices is so important.


Finally, we have completed The website. The only thing left is to launch it so you can start getting all those sweet visitors. I will take care of this process and will even continue to maintain* the website when you choose to host through Webflow.

* Maintenance does not include major revisions to the site.