Oddisy's First Update Brings Even More Power to Worldbuilders

Derick Murphy
Cody Moore
August 24, 2022

Kodrick first released Oddisy 0.1.0 around a month ago. We have since been working hard on adding in features to help our users craft awesome worlds. Here are a few highlights in the new release.

New Platforms

Oddisy 0.1.0 was available only on Windows via Microsoft Store and MacOS via Apple’s TestFlight, but we have added support for Chrome OS and Linux and have officially released Oddisy on the Apple App Store. You can now download Oddisy on the following stores:

Included Example Template

Oddisy now ships with two templates:

The Default Template

This template is best used for fiction writing, and comes with the following premade entry Types

  •  World
  • Characters 
  •  Location
  • Event
  • Item

Fairy Tale Example Project 

This template is an example project that shows of some of Oddisy’s features using Classic Fairy Tales and legends.

User Defined Entry Types

Users now can rename built in Entry Types and even create their own. 

For example, when writing a story with Magical Creatures that will all have a Section for Magic Info and a Predefined Field for Magical Abilities. As well as the default fields and sections that all Characters have.

You could create a Custom Entry Type that inherits from Character called Magical Creature that has the Magic Info Section and the Magical Abilities Predefined Field, and since it inherits from Character it will also have all of the fields and Sections that Characters have.

You can also inherit from Custom Entry Types. For example, say you have a special Magical Creature called a Vampire that will have a Predefined Field called Vampire Abilities, which has some pre-filled abilities that all Vampires have. As well as the default fields and Sections that all Magical Creature and Characters have.

You could first create a Predefined List Field called Vampire Abilities with the default abilities that all vampires will have.

You could then create a Custom Entry Type that inherits from Magical Creature called Vampire that has the Vampire Abilities Predefined Field, and since it inherits from Magical Creature it will also have all of the fields and Sections that Magical Creature and Characters have.

You can edit the Icon and color that is associated with each Entry Type by clicking on the Icon in the Entry Type Settings. This will popup a menu to edit either the icon or the color. Select whichever one you want to edit and the appropriate dialog will show up.

UI Improvements

Oddisy also received some UI updates including redesigned entry cards that utilize the associated Entry Type icon and color, so you can tell the type of an entry at a quick glance. 

The entry page has also received some improvements to better utilize the space and to improve the scrolling experience.  

We’ve also added a replacement for the Title Bar above most versions of Oddisy. 

Drag and Drop File Support

Importing projects in Oddisy is easier than ever with drag and drop support. Simply drag your .oddz files into Oddisy, and Oddisy will import them for you.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks for joining us on our journey to make Oddisy into something great! We hope to add many more features over the foreseeable future. 

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Written By
Derick Murphy
Cody Moore
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